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    Dionysus Professional goalkeeper gloves. New to Selsport range in 2020. Neoprene backhand and negative cut for a tighter fit.
    Steve Phillips in yellow goalkeeper kit mid air diving across the goal making a save in selsport Eurowrap goalkeeper gloves


    Comfort & Grip. Since 1998 Selsport have asked modern day professionals "what do you want in your goalkeeper gloves?" The answer is always the same "Comfort & Grip" - Comfortable gloves allow you to display confidence when taking to the field. We want goalkeepers to have the perfect glove for their match day environment. Our qualities evolve around developing comfortable gloves with optimum grip.

    No frills. Just Comfort with grip.

    We focus on exclusively producing no-compromise
    gloves that are designed for comfort and grip. You can be guaranteed that if one thing does let you down on match day - it will not be your gloves.


    Innovative styles

    Selsport has been at the forefront of innovation for goalkeeper
    gloves right from the start. From our ‘Guard’ goalkeeper glove incorporating a full latex palm to the ‘industry standard’ Wrappa Classic range, containing the Phantom, an all-white glove that most other brands have followed. 


    Innovative Cuts

    Selsport have been at the forefront of incorporating different cuts, including the first hybrid and mixed finger styles, we have introduced many innovative design details that many other brands have copied. We’re flattered!


    Luke Daniels goalkeeper in Scunthorpe Kit at full stretch across the goal making a save in Selsport Wrappa Classic goalkeeper gloves