Shwan Jalal International goalkeeper for Iraq in yellow Chesterfield goalkeeper shirt pointing to his goal in Seslport goalkeeper gloves

Passionate about Latex

Passionate about Latex

The single most important feature of a goalkeeper glove is the latex. At Selsport after 25 years of manufacturing gloves exclusively for goalkeepers we know a thing or 2 about latex.  The palm of the goalkeeper glove is manufactured using a layer of foam and a layer of latex. The latex is the most expensive component of a glove. This influences how much grip and control you have of the ball. Remember not all Latex is the same - don't be fooled by something because it looks similar.

High quality latex palms which are used in top end gloves have an excellent grip but will not be as durable as some lower priced gloves, which will not have quite the same quality grip but should be more durable. It isn’t a matter of quality but rather related to the softness of the latex. Latex is a natural material that is subject to abrasion from the very first use so durability will depend on how you look after them and the type of surface that you play/train on.

We have a comprehensive range of quality gloves at all price points, however, you will have to give up some of the professional level grip performance that a top end glove will give if you buy a lower priced glove with more durability.



4mm + 4mm

Superior Adhesion latex for goalkeeper gloves. Gloves with this type of latex are especially suited for young players and amateurs as the price is low, the durability is great, and the grip is very satisfying. This latex encourages the goalkeeper to train and focus on technique. It has a superior quality retaining the 4+4mm latex for exceptional all-round performance. This is our professional entry level latex.

As a general note many cheap gloves contain 2mm latex - it’s important to check the thickness, as this is directly tied to how the gloves will wear and how long they last!



4mm + 4mm

Extreme adhesion latex is the most common 'high performance' glove latex. This premium glove latex type offers excellent gripping properties and softness. It's a great pro latex. It was once the only pro-level until Ultimate latex superseded it with advances in Latex Technology. Extreme adhesion latex usually performs best when it's slightly damp. It is stickier, offers high absorption of shots, and performs well in all weather conditions. Although the grip is better the durability is not as good as Superior. This is without a doubt the most popular latex for Professionals and serious goalkeepers.



4mm + 4mm

The Ultimate Adhesion latex is absolutely the best available. Ultimate latex has the best grip in all conditions, which naturally makes it the most expensive, but it's also the least durable compared to other types of latex. This latex is perfect for professional and ambitious elite players.

Ultimate latex is high performance, high quality and usually very high price compared to other latexes. It is a superb performer in wet or dry weather but needs to be washed more frequently as the latex is stickier, and therefore gets dirtier quicker.

It always comes with a plastic protective covering on the latex palms. It now comes in colours too although it is more expensive. Ultimate latex will give you an edge in your game.


The softer the latex, the better the grip or stickiness
The harder the latex, the longer it will last
The thicker the latex, the better the protection


Selsport – More grip for your money.