Shwan Jalal International goalkeeper for Iraq in yellow Chesterfield goalkeeper shirt pointing to his goal in Seslport goalkeeper gloves

Glove Cut Guide

Glove Cut Guide

The way a glove is constructed plays a big part in its shape and fit, the grip and the level of protection offered, as well as how long they’re likely to last. All our cuts are used by our professional keepers. There is no one cut that ’fits all’. Each cut has its benefits and drawbacks; the right choice for you comes down to personal preference.

Flat Palm

Flat Palm is the traditional cut which emerged when goalkeeper gloves became popular. The cut comprises one single piece of latex attached to the backhand with stitched gussets in between the fingers and palm. The stitching is on the outside.  

Flat palms traditionally give the widest room in the wrist closure; overall width and body of the glove; and fingertip area. Flat Palm gloves are designed to maximise the surface area of the latex. This style of glove fits looser than other cuts.

Roll Finger

The Roll finger cut is highly popular, as the latex is rolled/curved around the fingers which provides comfort. The backhand is attached to the palm without the use of gussets. Hence the name “Roll finger”. It fits more snug than the flat palm. It has the best ball contact as the cut ensures the latex is always in contact with the ball when catching or throwing. It has a much larger latex area, which improves grip. These gloves are slightly arced, so the latex palm wraps around the curve of the ball absorbing the blow of powerful shots.

Negative Cut

This cut is modern and increasingly popular. It is ideal for goalkeepers with slender hands, or goalkeepers who prefer a tighter snug fitting glove. Negative cut gloves use a single piece of latex which is stitched to the backhand with gussets, but unlike the flat palm, the stitching is all on the inside. Negative Cut goalkeeper gloves are the tightest of all the cuts. The cut is characterized by having the palm and backhand seam stitched inside pulling the material closer to the hand creating a noticeably tighter feel.   

Hybrid Flat Palm

This cut is a hybrid of Flat palm and roll finger. It combines the best features of a flat palm using one piece of latex on the palm, and rolls around the fingers at the tips. It has gussets between the fingers.