Our Story

Selsport. The world's best goalkeeper glove

About Us 

Selsport is a UK, London based, brand created by Roberto Forzoni in 1998 to bring high-quality goalkeeper gloves to keepers who take their trade seriously. Selsport prides itself in sourcing the best quality latex and fabrics available on the market alongside innovative, functional and ergonomic designs.

Selsport offer a no-frill, top-quality super-comfortable glove in a variety of cuts and palm options to suit any individual preferences; alongside traditional flat palm and roll finger options, we have developed negative and hybrid cuts that others have followed.

We are proud to support goalkeepers at every level of the game, from Premier League to grassroots football and young players just starting their footballing journey. Our Wrappa Classic remains the industry standard for goalkeeper gloves.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide goalkeepers worldwide with the best quality gloves available on the market so they can feel confident that whatever challenges a game brings, their gloves won’t let them down . Ever.

We hope you enjoy our products.  

Roberto Forzoni

CEO & Founder of Selsport